Sadly, but bed bugs in hotels are very common. Especially at those places which are considered as tourists places. No hotel can have their own bed bugs, nor you take them along. But consideration of precautions has to follow, which usually we follow at home and keep inspecting eyes around you. Click here for more information.

There are few steps that must be taken carefully:


Before booking, you must read random reviews of public, if someone has faced bug problem he would surely mentioned in his feedback for the hotel. Take a quick survey randomly you will easily get to known the situation but if you don’t find any problem that does not mean the hotel is bug free, may be you would be the first one who will face the issue.


Secondly, before sitting somewhere first check mattress and bed carefully, then open cupboards and look around each and everything with open eyes. Mostly these insects are found at dark places so drawers must also be checked. If you find anything suspicious leave that hotel immediately but before leaving, must inform at front desk or hotel manager if they are unaware of this situation, but if they still force you to stay there that means they are well aware of the problem then you must  write in reviews of the hotel’s website as well so that hoteliers have to take action immediately.


Best idea would be, if you know where you are going to travel you must have a list of hotels of that area, so that if you find any difficulty in hotel at least you are already aware of the hotels of that area very well.

Take few actions if you don’t find any bug in your room but you are in doubt of having it:

Bug free spray is one of the best options. It is better to spray and remove your doubt, than to face problems later.

Second thing is, don’t put anything on floor not even your suitcase, always use tables to support your belongings.

Third thing is, always use plastic bags to pack your used clothes and again put them in suite case. If you simply place them around you might get a chance to face the problem of bugs when you reach your home.

Forth thing that you must keep in your mind if you are very conscious about bed bugs, you should take your suit case directly to the laundry; either at hotel’s laundry or any laundry near your home. It will make sure if you find any bed bug in your suit case that will be taken off outside from your house.

You can use bug free spray to your suit case as well or bug free medicines as well, just to avoid their contact completely.

Just in case if you still take any bed bug along, from hotel to your home. Wash everything with very hot water and give them heat they will be killed easily.